Blackstar HT5 mini stack for sale.

5 watt head, 2 40 watt cabs, footswitch and cab cables.

Amp sounds amazing, recieved some great awards from guitar magizines and review websites, Guitarist magizine gave it their Gold award.

Perfect condition, no marks or scratches, same condition when it left the box. Owned from new and very well looked after, never gigged.

If your in the south west of England I might be able to take it to you. Any shipping costs will be covered by the buyer.

£240 or offers.
How much do you think it'd cost to ship this to the Midlands, specifically Stafford? I am interested (and have been for a while) but as nobody around here stocks Blackstar I can't try one out and know if I actually like it which (to me at least) is the most important thing about buying gear. If I do stumble upon something from the Blackstar 5w range and like it I'll be on here in a shot.
If you want mate I could try and find some vids on the youtube to help you out, its a really sweet sounding amp lovely and warm yet when you turn up the gain sounds just wow.

Every review from mags/internet have loved it. Got the guitarist gold award when it was first out.

I can get you some reviews to look at but understand your problem!
Love the head I own one myself.

Will have to ask my brother about this, I think he's after one.
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Ok, so I played a 1 watt HT1 combo today and was very impressed by both the audio quality for the size/price AND the volume. How much can you get it to Stafford for? Also, it looks like there were several revisions to the design - does the ISF work on the clean channel as well as the gain?
There are two types , one with reverb one without.

The one I am selling is without reverb as it is a earlier model just before they added it to the range.

The ISF dose work on the clean setting, it adjusts the warmth of the sound.

I will look into the costs of shipping and PM you.

Glad you got a chance to rock the 1 watt, it really is a brilliant amp!
Sorry to disappoint (us both) but I brought it up with the homeowners and they said pretty much flat out no to having a reasonable size amp.
Well you dont need to have it at 11!

At 2-3 on vol its very reasonable for bedroom, never annoyed my folks!
Seriously its not going to annoy any one, its 5 watts, unless you crank it it wont annoy any one.

Its bedroom perfect.