i have only about three weeks to learn and perform an emsemble piece for my gcse. i know you only really have to play a grade 4 ish technical song but i still cant think of any i can do.
in my class and who would be willing to help me i have:
me! pretty good guitarist and singer (grade 7 guitar technically)
2 brilliant drummers
pretty awesome guitarist
pretty bad singer :/
pretty good bassist
and cubase software i can use aswell
so its not really whether we have the people to do it cause theres quite a lot but it has to be relatively easy for them as they have to work on their pieces aswell but i obviously want to try show of what i can do. any ideas will help as i havnt got long !! :/
CAFO by Animals as Leaders. Go.
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also.. most of the people i mentioned prefer old school rock type stuff (sweet home alabama, pressure and time) but i like literally anything from napalm death to chili peppers to stevie wonder to bassment jaxx
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CAFO by Animals as Leaders. Go.

aha pretty good song and if the examiners were metal heads id go for it XD
but thats one for the books to learn later cheers
For gcse, grade 5 standard is what is expected, but i'll always say:

Playing a piece very well is better than playing a harder piece with mistakes

Also play a song you all like, it will automatically have more expression and feeling in the performance

Good luck, GCSE ensemble was fun to do, I did mine with the school trad jazz band and scored 40/40, just make sure you play well and enjoy the music
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CAFO by Animals as Leaders. Go.

Yeh just bust out an 8 string and start sweep picking for 2 minutes solid...

Seriously though, GCSE is equivalent or Standard Grade credit me thinks, Scottish qualifications basically.

Bad vocalist you say? Try an istrumental song and add vocals, just a thought...
I'd do some Kiss or something of that type, We never had to really do ensemble but I played BFMV Hand of blood, bare in mind I was like 14 (I did it a year early).

Queen maybe? Maybe I disappear by Metallica? I'm not really a fan of this stuff but its simple enough, Queen maybe not vocally. More modern stuff like lower than atlantis?
There's numerous songs out there, just get searching for a medium-ish riff and a simple solo.
My school is AQA for music, which I do, for which I finished the performances last April; got 29/30 (A*) for doing a duet of Apache by The Shadows, we just took turns playing the lead, then the chords when the other was doing lead, within the same piece. It's really easy, so only got 2/3 for demand, but got full for everything else. As for the demand marks Grade 5 and above for 3, Grade 3 and 4 for 2 and Grade 2 for 1. 0 for anything easier.
The grade 5 rockschool stuff is good and really easy.
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I played the Zelda theme with my old Bassist and Guitarist. I got an A
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To get the 'higher difficulty' level in gcse you need to go higher than the 12th fret so nothing extremely difficult; by the way it's grade 3 thats the bare minimum level they recommended that you have at gcse, its the grade 5 that gets you the automatic A* if done well.