One of the first proper songs I've ever finished... probably because it's a copy structure and topic wise of pretty much every other pop song ever released :/ lyrics in description.

Any critique on anything is appreciated and the favour will promptly be returned.
Really digging it man. You have a good voice too, and the song itself is really catchy, I found myself tapping my foot along to it while i was listening, which is always a good thing. Id love to hear you actually record a version of it, like with something other than a computer mic too, Has lots of potential!!. Keep up the writing!

Great sound. You have a really great voice. The whole thing was genuinely uplifting, very unexpected. The tone of the strat is really nice, though sometimes a pinch more sustain and extra thickness might make a difference. Wouldn’t mind a punchy bass line somewhere in there.

But all in it’s already very very polished. Extremely catchy. Can't get it out my head. Great song!

My Song - Putting Things in Boxes
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Really good song, catchy and uplifting A full band version would sound really great, especially with a more pro recording. I really liked the quiet section towards the end, it added a really cool dynamic to the whole piece.
C4C on the links in my sig would be great
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Always up for some C4C, been compared to Frank Turner, The Cure's Robert Smith and Bruce Springsteen so check out my stuff if you like the sound of that