I like a lot of post hardcore. A lot of the bands i like have more pop chorus's. I want my guitar playing to sound similar to Bands like Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice and Men, Ice Nine Kills, Pierce the veil ect. Ive looked up the tabs and i know quite a few songs but i just cant seem to transfer it over to my playing to get a more posthardcore sound...or a sound like them if you dont think theyre post hardcore
If you can't get from songs you know to replicating that sound then the first thing I would suggest is learning some theory, it will help you understand what they're doing and why they sound the way they do. From there it's very easy to transfer it over in to your own playing.

One thing though: if you're just jamming on your own it can be very difficult to get the sound that you think of as a band, things like drums, bass and vocals play a much bigger role in the overall sound of a band than a lot of guitarists like to think. I'm not saying it can't be done, it's just something to bear in mind when you're playing/writing.
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