My first NGD thread. I took the leap. I got the Epiphone G400.

First off, I have been poking in and out of these forums looking for information and everyone has been great. I know a few chords, and am learning music and stretch out my hands. My previous guitar was a starter guitar that, to my surprise, was a 3/4 size guitar. No wonder the A chord was hard, there's no room. And the strings were very high from the frets, I had to really press down hard (is this called the "action"?).

So picking this thing up the first thing I noticed was how easy the strings are to press down. Then I tuned it. I played a few chords and HOLY SMOKES, I can play all chords with no fret buzz and room for my fingers. I am very excited to have a 'real' guitar now.

Here is a photo, I hope it works.
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I am running through a Mustang 1 amp with multiple presets and the thing sounds amazing. Much better than the cheap $100 starter guitar (Tye-Ger brand, wtf?). I noticed that during a quick little exercise I am not missing or overlapping strings (playing B and high E open, 1st and 3rd to learn notes). Of course, I am being a newb, I think this thing is awesome. I have nothing really to compare it too, but it is a well done guitar.
Nice guitar dude, enjoy it!

The chrome pickups and full scratch guard look sick together :P
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Congrats, mate! That's a really good and solid choice.
Gear pics

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You did good, that one should hold you for awhile! HNGD!
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Having a blast with it. It's really amazing how much difference a quality guitar can make.
Wait until you get something better. Always leaves you thinking how you ever did without it. :P
You're not supposed to plug it into the wall socket though!!!
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HNGD! keep at it.
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G400 was actually my first guitar but I had the Silverburst. HNGD!
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