Okay, I had some problems earlier today with my nut, on my Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I was tuning it, and it's been through some pretty bad climate changes. I've been trying to protect it, as best I can. However, I seem to have failed. My plastic nut on it, has blasted apart while tuning the low E string down to D for drop D tuning, and has left me without the ability to play the guitar. I've been trying to find the specs on the size of the nut, and I'm not sure if that really matters. However I would like to replace it with a graphite nut. So, shoot me some pointers and some knowledge, in the ways of this guitar and what I should do, in the terms of replacing this nut.
I think it's safe to go for a "Gibson" or "LP"-style nut. What you could measure, is the length at nut (usually around 43mm) and string spacing, but that could be just job done for nothing except for your own knowledge.
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