It is NEVER too late to pick up the guitar. Any age can and will become good at it, if you practise. seriously. i know people who have been playing for ten years non stop and others like myself, into their mid teens and playing four hours a day.

with the practise and the will to get what you want out of the instrument you can do it.

so stop posting those shitty "am i too old?" threads.
When i was 12 my Uncle inspired me to play the Guitar...because he was just starting to take lessons...he was well into his 40s! He sure didnt think he was too old!

the threads do get annoying because its common sense...
To old to play the guitar Questionare:
Can you hold the Guitar?
Can you HEAR the Guitar?
Do your fingers still function?
Do you have basic grabbing/pressing abilities with your Digits?
Do you forget family member names?

If you answered yes to all BUT the last one then go get yourself a damn guitar!