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I've seen guitar players wrap sorts of fabrics around the nut of their guitar, or above the nut closer to the headstock. What does this do?

Here's an example, I was watching some vids of a Mesa Dual Rec and saw this guy had one.

What's the point?


Skip to a minute in so you can see his guitar
Oh right, sounds a good idea. What would be good to use for one then, might try it out?
I see scrunchies used alot, not the really huge ones though, mostly just the elastic soft hair ties. They say its useful for any kind of lead work involving legatos etc, but for me it'd be one more thing to adjust before going into a lead and im already swamped with things to shut off and adjust as it is lol would be fun to try it though.
It just stops the open strings from ringing out, mostly while tapping. It can't be used though when open string pull-offs are required, so they have their limits. When the fabric is above the nut it isn't doing anything, just there when its not being used.
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it works great. its just for dampening open strings. i used a small hair elastic for it. it comes in hand when your doing things like some arpeggio stuff, tapping, or anything where you don't want open strings to ring out and you can't mute them yourself. super useful
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