Maybe i was taught wrong. But i was taught that there is a major, minor, major pent, minor pent, and blues pentatonic finger pattern that can be played anywhere on the fretboard. So say i learned a diminished scale pattern? Would i be able to use it anywhere on the fretboard?
yep, all are the same... example:

C maj ---------------------------------------- G maj
|---------------------------------8-10--| - |------------------------------------3--5----|
|--------------------------8-10---------| - |------------------------------3--5----------|
|--------------------7-9-----------------| - |-----------------------2--4----------------|
|-------------7--10---------------------| - |-----------------2--5-----------------------|
|-------7-10----------------------------| - |---------2--5-----------------------------|
|-8-10---------------------------------| - |---3--5------------------------------------|

only change the key and frets but the position and fingering still the same

(english ain't my first language)
Essentially, a scale is a collection of intervals beginning on a certain note. A major scale, for example, is a series of notes that follow the following pattern:
R - W - W - H - W - W - W - H
in which W is a whole step, H is a half-step, and R is the root note.

Thus, it follows that if you learn the C major scale, if you just move everything down a half-step and follow the same shape, you're playing B major.

In short, yes, you're right as long as you realize that you aren't necessarily playing the C major scale but rather the major scale relative to any given root note (be it C, Db, A# or whatever else you can think of).
Im not really talking about major scales though. Im talking about like the diminished ones and such
The diminished goes:

W-H-W-H-W-H-W-H or H-W-H-W-H-W-H-W

A really easy way to look at it is to think of it as a scale comprised of m3 intervals.
If you write them out it means that 4 diminished scales would have the same notes.
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