I have tried going to the site (cybanworld.com) and I get 404'd on IE and nothing at all on Chrome and have asked on the stickied V5 thread and the version 4 thread has been dead for 3 years....so, does anyone have a good link for the tabs list?

I used it a few years ago and it was pretty nice, lost some steam but am back to give this guitar thing a 3rd shot and hoping it works out this time. Been playing alot of Rocksmith and learned more chords and scales in a week or two then the cumulative 4-5 months of past efforts, not to mention a much better grasp of where I am when my eyes aren't glued to the fretboard but really hope this list is still up and running so I can continue to progress.
Basically... no, it's no longer maintained. Hasn't been for some time as you can see, everyone who had anything to do with it is basically gone now.

You're going to have to find songs to play on your own, sorry
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