Hey guys/gals

As I stated in a previous post, I got a new dual rect roadster and have a Boss GT 10. Im new to the 4 cable method with the fx loop so im toying with it. My question is, I know I need to turn the send/recieve on each GT10 button, but where should the S/R be in the chain? sometimes when I hit the FX button on the mesa pedal it gets super quite or muffled.

Any advice?
if that is the gt10 manual ^ it will make things waayyyy more confusing lol.

ok im doing the same thing as you with my BV120.
to use the AMPS preamp and NOT the gt10 preamp in the 4cm you need to turn off the preamp on the gt10. the S/R should be after the preamp section in the gt10 signal chain. you can move it around in the chain to see where it sounds best. be aware though that the fx will have to be moved as well.

if you are using od/compression they should be before the gt10 preamps even if they are off and the modulation fx should be after the S/R AND the gt10 preamp stage in the signal chain. just as a reminder you will have to do this for EVERY SINGLE patch that you make using the 4CM
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