Hey thanks for the comment pal, nice relaxing music here... you seem like a really decent guitarist too, and you phrasing sounds really good... also seems like you have a pretty decent knowledge of the fretboard... and I found that your technique is impeccable, and it's also great to see more people doing volume pot swells!

I think it got really great when the piano and synths started to make there way in though... very nice use of logic, but I'd probably try doing another mix with the beats a little louder because I really liked the way they sounded here.

All in all I liked it, but with more work it could be something really great. Cheers man.
I really enjoyed it. I truly envy this style of guitar playing because no matter how hard I try, I can never play it quite that well. I think you really understand that spaces between phrases are just as important as the phrases themselves.

Overall it was very emotional and relaxing, and I really enjoyed it!

Anyway, c4c (if you get the chance):
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