I've had various cheap electric guitars over the last 15 years. I never really put any time or attention into getting a good sound or tone, since my gear was so crap. I've been playing covers and singing along for my own amusement.

This week I decided that it was about time I got some proper gear, so I bought an ESP LTD EC-1000vb and a line6 pod HD500 which I plug into my hifi. Sounds lovely and its a great guitar. I'm really pleased!

Since I've been playing covers so long, I have very little idea how to write songs, improvise or compose, but I can play chords and a few licks pretty well. So now I feel like a beginners sitting down to learn about scales and keys and inversions. It certainly helps that I'm not struggling to fret the notes I'm looking forward to finally writing my own material Expect lots of questions on composing and arranging from me