Hi, everyone. I want some tips on how I can get a good "grunty" tone with my voice without straining/hurting my throat. Something in the vein of Metallica/Pantera etc. I would like to know some techniques that will allow me to make these sounds If you guys could suggest maybe some youtube videos of something to help me that'd be cool!

You can listen to my band hear and critique my vocals if you wish www.reverbnation.com/awakenedinferno

A little bit on my vocal backround. I started doing vocal lessons 5 years a go but for the first 4 years they didn't really benefit me until I attended another school and joined the choir. I improved alot over that year of doing choral singing, and so I am at a different school this year and doing weekly lessons and choir practice. I haven't had any rock/metal training so here I am asking for tips from you guys.

I'm also a guitarist, I have been playing for 8 years.

I'd appreciate any feedback Thanks!
Thanks alot for the help, man! I hand-wrote a whole page of notes on that. Hopefully I can apply it to my voice now