im trying to run amplitube which works fine, but i cant seem to get less than a second of latency coming through my speakers. Ive tried using usb through a zoom pedal and just plugging straight in from a jack. my buffer size is 2048 which is the lowest i can seem to get it. any advice?
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quad core q6600 2.4 ghz
3 gigs of ram
windows 7 32 bit
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I've always had problems with latency playing through computer USB with different audio devices :/ ! Funnily enough i have the exact same specs ^^ Hope some clever guys here knows what to do.
you using the application through a DAW or straight into the amplitube software? i tend to get much more latency when using amplitube through a DAW, works pretty seamless when i run directly into and out of the amplitube software.

i run my buffer at 128 btw. i do pickup more latency at 2048.
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which DAW do you reccomend and how would i use the two programs together or are you talking about hardware
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