So, third lesson with a new teacher today, and I think he's finally found what the problem is that has long had me griping about endurance in terms of hand strength - I move my fingers and left hand way more than I need to, wasting energy.

Unfortunately, this means that to correct it, I need to half-rewrite almost a decade of heavy muscle memory, which isn't exactly going to be a very quick process, so I'm looking to do as many exercises as possible to get myself to move my hands less on to rewrite faster.

Other than the obvious of running through scales and chord progressions, forwards and backwards, slower, and focusing on moving as little as possible, do you guys have any suggestions to work on this?

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Keep your eyes on the prize and realize that all of the practice is for some pretty substantial benefit.
Whatever you do, do it slowly, like really really slowly. If you don't do it obscenely slowly you're not reprogramming, you're just using the old muscle memory at a slower speed.
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Could the thing causing the unnecesary movement be too much tension in your hand? because if it is, "all" you have to do is practice to play with much less tension, which would solve the problem and improve every aspect of your playing by tons.
Basically, you won't have to "re-write" your finger-movement habits, but rather use the same movement, but with the lessened tension they become automatically smaller. Had the same probelm of extra tension casing extra movement in my playing, and I worked (and continuing to work) to reduce it. And it had an almost instant effect.

I hope for you that this is your problem and that this solution will help you.
If it isn't then good luck on the journey of re-writing your program (I've been doing that on some aspect of my technique for a while now as well.
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Just stop playing what you use to play for a while and only practice with paying attention to minimize the movement. Play slowly and watch out your movement. 30 minutes a day and keep only practice these for a while, because every time you fall back to play what you use to practice, you are reinforce your muscle memory with old habit.