Hello! I am looking for an Ibanez superstrat without Floyd Rose and other tremolos. It has to be hard tail. What do you think about Ibanez RG321, RGA, S series guitars? Whats the quality? How do they work on distortion and clean? My budget is max 500€ thanx!
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The only Ibanez I played that was a hardtail was the RGA42E that I noodled on during a visit to GC. I really loved the Gibralter bridge and the EMG 81/85 combo. I actually preferred the archtop body to a flat one, just personal preference. All in all it was a very nice guitar for the price. Just wish they would have done something different with the dot inlays.
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See if you can find an used RG1451.

heck you should be able to find a new one for only slightly more. thomann was selling them for £550 or so not that long ago.

but agreed. if you're within touching distance of MIJ prestiges (and you've already decided you're going with ibanez), you need a very, very good reason to take a non-prestige over it.
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Paul Gilbert models are hard tail.
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If you're willing to venture out of Ibby, The Schecter C-1 Classic might be a good match for you. It's a really nice guitar. I have one, and it's sounds are nice, and it has some pretty amazing sustain.

But one thing, the sound of a guitar is crafted through the amp, and that being said, a nice guitar will sound limited through a crap amp, and I personally would put that money towards an amp instead.
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