I suppose I've messed around with learning guitar for a couple years, but now, on the eve of my first year of ACTUALLY putting effort into learning, I've finally upgraded my electric guitar. I wasn't particularly looking to upgrade, but, being a money strapped college kid, I do keep an eye on craigslist and I ran across somebody selling this guitar with a hardshell case and a Crate CA10 for a couple hundred, I decided to go ahead and jump on it.

It's an AF75! Now, I'm no guitar expert, but after spending a year practicing daily on a First Act Electric/Strat Pack Squier, this thing play like a dream. I was a little wary about a hollowbody, but playing mostly blues with little distortion, it suits my style quite nicely. Also, it looks fantastic. The only blemish I can find is a very small, thin crack. It's a couple inches long and nearly impossible to notice. As far as I can tell, the crack doesn't affect the sound. I'm sold on hollowbodies now. The amp is an upgrade over my random practice amp from before as well. All in all, the deal was an improvement

Sorry for teh meh picture quality, I only have a phone on my camera.

A friend of mine has the green/blue flamed maple one with the Bigsby style trem. Pretty nice guitars. Enjoy!
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sexy.. the only thinlg I dont like about them is the fact that they do try too hard to be a gretsch.. that being siad they do sound nice.
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