So... After getting further with the whole band shenanigans, I wanted to change from a roaring EMG 81/85 guitar to a more versatile guitar. I was browsing, digged the shape of the telecaster. Always have done. Never really liked the twang, with each one gave. Especially for the music I play.

This is where the Telecaster FMT comes in, fenders Gibson Tele. Sporting a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard and two seymour duncans. The only thing that screams Tele, is the body shape. Which is what I wanted.

Having now had this guitar for around a week and a half, I cant stop to love it. The first thing what struck me about it, is how contoured and thin the body is and how extremely light it is compared to other guitars. It truely is sexy aswell, the grain on this thing, is fine.

This fender is fitted with a coal tap as well, so I can use coiled on all 3 pickups selections. It really helps for the diversity of this thing, because the humbuckers are quite high output, but it doesn't take anything away from the sound of the body of the guitar. I still get picking dynamics much more than I do with EMG's.

It works for metal, blues, rock, punk. To be honest, I've been rocking to anything I can to this, and so far it hasn't really put its foot down and said no. I've ran it through my own Tiny Terror, JCM's and Mesa's in live situations and for practise, and its an awesome thing. I'd definately recommend it to a serious alternative to the Jim Root telecaster. Even though this thing costs slightly more.

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this this is seriously cool!
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Always liked the look of the Telecaster FMT's. Happy NGD!
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HNGD, looks pretty.
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Nice tele... but quite as nice as a tele with singlecoils. My two cents!
Still a great looking intruments. HNDG!
Seems to be a few people getting Tele's these days.

It's making my Tele gas uncontrolable.

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Nice tele... but quite as nice as a tele with singlecoils. My two cents!
Still a great looking intruments. HNDG!

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Nice! Looks like a real interesting guitar, HNGD
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HNGD! I have that one as well and I love it...you got the best color as well
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A friend of mine has the blue variation of this, incredible guitar. Congrats
Cheers guys. Tis a beaut of a guitar. I never tried this tele personally in-store, just played tele's before and hope it had the same profile. To be honest, I think the neck on this is superior. To say its Indonesian as well.
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