I just got my first stack and I'm trying to figure out how to connect the head and the cab the right way. It's a Marshall JCM 2000 head and JCM 900 cab. There is a Mono and a Stereo option. The Ohm options are 4, 8, and 16. I understand that you have to match the Ohms on the head and cab, but I'm not sure that I am matching them up right. I uploaded some pics, I'm sure there are plenty who know how to do this no prob. For a first timer, or maybe it's just me, it's confusing. Appreciate any help.
Amp and Cab 001.jpg
Amp and Cab 002.jpg
Man those pics are terrible.

If you're only using one head, then keep the cab set for mono, and use the 8 ohm jack on the head and cab.

EDIT: I wish I could be more specific, but I can't even read what the jacks are labeled in those pics
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On the Amp you have Three Outputs...
one of those is labeled 16 OHMS Thats the one that you want to use. The amp is also set up to run two, 8 OHM cabinets, and they are wired so that they connect to the amp in Paralell.. Lots of information on how and why this is done in the Users Manual for the amp... Google it, and I'll bet you can find one to download pretty easy

On the Speaker cabinet, It's designed to be used in either "Stereo" (2 amps plugged into the cabinet at the same time) or "Mono" (a single amp plugged in). Not only that, but the cabinet isn't specific to any one amplifier. Marshall made this to be used with practically any amplifier out there, hence the choices of impedance (ohms). For example, I have a Fender Twin Reverb that uses 4 ohms, so I could set my amp on the cabinet, and plug it in to your amp using the 4 ohm jack without a problem.. Marshall sells a Fender Guy, a speaker cabinet that he can safely use.

For your amp, you want the Switch set to "Mono" and you want to use the jack marked "16 Ohm"
Hope this helps..

Here is the manual for the Head
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