Hey guys,

I've got an issue with my Strat; I've upgraded it with Graphtechs last year because the (old) original saddles were cutting into my hand and I thought 'What the hell'.
While setting it up for a new tuning, I noticed the saddles on my 1st and 4th string can't go back any further: They're completely backed into the end of the bridge. I even removed the little springs to get them this far, but the intonation is still not right.
I figure the Graphtechs are just a tad longer than the originals, but I can't check since I don't have the originals around.

Anyway, onto the question:
I realise I could practically drop in any bridge I want, but would any of you know about a particular brand that has their ST-style bridges a tad longer than usual?
Or anything else I could try, maybe a completely different option?

Let me know, thanks!
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