Hey guys, I'm Devlish Dave's friend, who just posted before me I'm sorry if this goes against the rules, wasn't very sure.

Alright so I need a suggestion for my next bass guitar. I've checked out a few: A few Musicman models, a bunch of Fender precision basses, even a Fender Jazz and a few Ibanez models, but I'm still not very sure what to choose.

Budget: 1500 - 1800 (I have to pay money to get this guitar transported to Switzerland. We have a 10% tax on imports. This automatically makes the basses here generally 20%/30% more expensive, don't ask me why.) I don't neccessarily have to spend the entire budget, in fact I'd love a few suggestions around the 1200.

Experience: I've been playing quite intensively for the past 2.5 years, I'm not an expert yet but I intend to get a bass with which I can gig with no problems and record in a studio. I already have a band.
Ps. I also play the guitar

Current Instrument: I have a cheap Ibanez replica, my band members have been asking me to get a new guitar so we can start playing in concerts.

Sound: Our band plays Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal with a few gothic influences. Our singer has a very deep voice which reminds me a bit of 66 eyes, or a less melodic, deeper version of HIM. Our guitarist is an Avenged Sevenfold fan but the sound is a little more trebly, or rather its a tad higher than Synyster Gates' sound, reminds me a little of ACDC (ACDC's sound and not style, just to make sure). Our drummer has a lot of rhythm, he's a fan of the Ramones, don't know what else to say.

I'm basically looking for a very clean sound, one that sounds amazing with distortion. I like the musicman a lot. It's got a nice distortioned sound but i think the clean sound goes in the wrong direction. The precision bass has a bunch of tone abilities, but im not a fan of Fender and I'd rather resort to another guitar. I'm an Avenged Sevenfold fan and the pieces I write are usually a mix between Three Days Grace and Avenged Sevenfold. I love Brad Walst's style a lot. He has a few amazing pieces, but I our bands style is a bit quicker. I know he plays a Musicman. The Musicman is also on top of my list atm.

Switzerland has a very limited variety of bass guitars. We basically have GnL, Fender, Ibanez, Schechter and Ernie Ball basses, every other brand is very hard to find. I however don't mind importing one from America.

Thank you! :P
Few points:

There's absolutely no point in ordering a bass from America unless it's exclusively available there. There are stores in the UK, in Germany (check out Thomann) they will stock pretty much anything and ship to you for a fraction of the price. Not being part of the EU, you'll probably still have to pay the tax, but it won't be as much.

Secondly, it sounds awfully like you're going to be buying blind from the internet, possibly having never played a bass of that model before. Terrible idea. If you've not played one before, you can't just go on what other people say about it. Ultimately, if it doesn't feel right in your hands, you'll never get on with it, and the only way to determine that is to play one.

There's more options than almost anyone is going to need available already within Fender, Musicman, G&L, Ibanez, and Schecter. I honestly think you'll be able to find what you need from those brands, and not have to pay a silly amount of money on tax and things, which will increase your budget, hypothetically allowing you to get a higher quality instrument for your money.

Finally, it's really hard to tell you what to get. "Good clean" and "good distorted" gives nobody much to work with at all. You say you don't like Fender, personally I think that the P-basses and Jazz basses I've owned have all had both great clean sounds and distort really nice. The best thing you can do is link some soundclips to the sort of sound that you would like to achieve from YouTube or something, and then we can really help you. If you're not able to actually pinpoint the sort of sound you want to get from an instrument, I think that spending a lot of money on one like that is a bad idea.
For that amount of money, i think buying blind from the internet would be stupid too. That’s the reason I don’t really want an exclusive American model. I do have the chance to go to England though. I was actually thinking of trying out as many basses as possible when I go there shortly. I was just basically looking for a few models I should definitely give a try.
The precision basses I’ve tried out were good, but I just don’t think they’re going in the direction I’m looking for. There are definitely a bunch great guitars in Switzerland, but I was hoping to find THE guitar instead of compromising on the best guitar available.
There are a few sounds I’m looking for.
Shinedown – Bully: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X8evilzsW0
Renegade Five – When you’re gone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKEd1UpmjG0&feature=related
Three Days Grace – Goin’ Down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1DhCjumqcw

Basically I don’t mind a few “If I had 1.5-2K I would get a ..... bass” comments. However I am looking for a sound in the range of the upper clips. I do know that the sounds are very different, but if you could possibly pinpoint each sound, that would be amazing.
None of those sounds are hugely influenced by the bass used in them, imo. One or two sounded like they could have been P-basses, another sounded like it could have been a Jazz, and at the same time, any of them could have been your typical generic Ibanez sort of bass with single coils on. The majority of the sound comes from other areas - fresh roundwound strings, a pick/aggressive fingerstyle some overdrive blended with the original clean signal, and a bit of a midscoop.

If I were you, I'd go into a shop, and play basses along the lines of Fender, possibly Musicman, that sort of thing. Find one that feels comfortable in your hands, that you enjoy playing. If it gives you a nice amount of bite, and you like the bass, there you go. I'd also recommend looking into purchasing a Tech21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI - that pedal will help you go a long way to those sort of sounds.

What amp are you playing through?
I have an older Laney model, I'm not actually very sure what it's called though. 100Watt with a limiter however without any overdrive/ distortion, I've got a pedal for that. I have another budget set for the amp/pedals that I'll be looking into as well.

Thanks for the pedal suggestion. I'll check that one out for sure

But as I said before, I'm looking for a few different models that I could look into. Got any suggestions in that area?
Didn't like the neck on either of the ones I tried.
The optics aren't that great either in my opinion.
And the sound was... Well I just didn't like it that much honostly said.

And no, it's not a head/cab amp. Unfortunately

How about like that one? They made them as combos too... just wondering cause I used to own one and they're great bits of kit (imo).

So you don't get on with P-bass necks... that means that you might not enjoy a Stingray neck much either, as they're quite chunky too... you maybe prefer thinner necks, in which case you want to be looking more at Ibanez basses, or Fender Jazzes.
Yeah that's basically it I think.
I liked the SR1205 quite a lot. I don't think Jazz basses are my thing though.
Quote by Elucaleb
Yeah that's basically it I think.
I liked the SR1205 quite a lot. I don't think Jazz basses are my thing though.

They're great amps for the money. Does yours have the DPC switch and a knob labelled "DPC attack"? If it does, and you're not already using this feature, I'd recommend it for that sort of sound, gives your sound a lot more bite and punch.

What makes you say that you don't think Jazz basses are your thing? Have you played one?
No mine doesn't have a DPC switch unfortunately.
I plugged the Jazz into an amp, and It just didn't have the power I was looking for. I think that one had a maple neck, which I didn't like much either. I think it was a bit too light as well..
Ah right, must be some other model then... shame.

Which amp did you plug one into, out of curiousity? And to get the "power"out of a jazz bass you have to use it properly... you need a good agressive playing style and for "punch" I find whacking both pick-ups and the tone up full for that scooped sort of sound. Some of the most powerful tones I've ever heard have been jazz basses.
It was a Peavey Combo. I'm not excluding the Fender Jazz Bass yet though, just looking for more options
Have you tried or are interested in Warwicks? They're manufactured a bit closer to where you are, so I'm surprised you haven't mentioned these unless they're completely out of your price range (I'm not entirely familiar with the Euro conversion). They're excellent basses that might just fit the bill you're looking for.

I'll also suggest Sandberg basses, though again I'm not sure what their availability is to you, or if they're too pricey. These are also manufactured closer to your area, and are excellent basses.

Hope these suggestions help.
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There are many Warwicks here but I haven't managed to try one out yet unfortunately. I haven't heard or seen anything of any Sandberg basses
Do you know any specific models that might fit what you think I'm looking for?
Since you're from switserland, make sure to check out some German basses.

Warwick, Sandberg, Maruszscyk and Clover all make basses in your price range.

When reading your posts, my guess would be, you want something withe at least a MM pickup in the bridge for that growl.
So Warwick corvette $$'s, most sandberg models, Clover XP's or Apeirons, all got this. Maruszczyk has got all his models available with humbuckers as well.

Also, you could check out musicstore.com, Thomann.de and musik-schmidt.de for some german based (web)stores, to get an idea of some basses and their prices
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There are many Warwicks here but I haven't managed to try one out yet unfortunately. I haven't heard or seen anything of any Sandberg basses
Do you know any specific models that might fit what you think I'm looking for?

The user above me hit the nail on the head for one of the models you should look into: The Warwick Corvette $$ (Double Buck). It's essentially what the title says it is: a Corvette body with two humbuckers. It's sonically diverse, with plenty of options to set your tone to your taste. If the two humbuckers aren't your thing, the regular Corvette also comes standard with two MEC Jazz-style pickups that are just as nice as the humbuckers. Other models definitely worth a look are the Thumb, Streamer...you can't really go wrong with any Warwick.

The only possible cons to Warwicks that I can think of are the neck shape and the extra maintenance. The one Warwick I've been fortunate enough to play (a standard Corvette) had a pretty substantial feeling neck, somewhat akin to a P-Bass or a Musicman. Admittedly, it's been a while since I've laid hands on a Warwick, so I could be off.

Also, most Warwicks are not finished like your typical bass. Most employ an oil-based finish. This offers very little protection to dents or dings in exchange for unparalleled resonant capability. This finish requires a little more care on your part in the form of occasional applications of beeswax supplied with the bass. From what I understand as the bass ages, you can apply less often over time.

I can't name too many Sandberg basses off the top of my head outside of the California series, so here's the website for you to check out: Sandberg. The California series are primarily Jazz and P-Bass style basses with top-notch accouterments. A lot of them come with humbuckers, as well.
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The Double Buck looks like something to look into, definitely. I think the thumb looks great too. I'll look into the other models on the next time I got to Germany. But these are all German models. I'm visiting England pretty soon and I'm not sure what kind of basses they sell there, anyone know what I could look into there?
If you're coming to England, it depends where you're going. If you have chance or are anywhere nearby, I'd definitely recommend checking out Bass Direct. I've never been there personally (it's quite far for me) but I've only heard good things about their customer service, they have undoubtedly one of the best varieties of bass brands and equipment in the country, and they've been great to buy from when I've ordered things online from them before.
If you don't like fender necks you probably ain't gonna like ernie ball.I'm a guitar player and it took a long time for me to find a neck I was comfortable with.I ended up with a Warwick.A little higher end model than the corvette,worth every penny.I tried a $4000 Ken Smith and the neck was like a picnic table.If they'd dropped the price to 400 I'd a took it outside and sold it.I tried everything in a couple of big places before I found the Warwick.But I happened one one brand,I think it was Spector that was Czech made,I think.It was their lower end model,600-700 US and I really liked them.I'd have bought one if I had'nt found the Warwick.Happy Hunting