Hello pit

How many bands/musical groups/orchestras have you been in?

Any stories on why you are in your current musical group right now?
Too many, though most have been online with one other person/by myself.

But maybe 3 or 4 in real life, with only one that really played any shows.

And then there were tons of others that never really worked out.

Currently, I'm in the process of recording a split between two of my bands, Keket and Scarecrows From The Sky, I have a couple of unfinished recordings on my Soundcloud page.

I'm also currently working on a project with another UGer, minimalistic electronic music in the style of John Carpenter, though it's going very slowly.

I've also been talking with a guy I know about starting some sort of band, possibly 60sish prog rock, though we're not entirely sure, and we haven't really had a chance to jam yet, but I think it could definitely get off the ground soon enough.
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6 Orchestras
2 Jazz bands
2 rock bands
3 choirs
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Elementary school band
Middle school band in Maryland
Middle school band in New Mexico
Concert choir in high school
Show choir in high school

My actual band.

My hypothetical band side project that consist of the same members playing the same instruments, in various genres (7? maybe 8)

So about "14" musical groups.
Wow...that's a lot...With those with a lot of musical activities are you a music degree holder or something...just curious.

With my day job I only have time for 1 band and my solo project :P

Guess I'm just musically incompetent :P
6- two rock/funk, one power metal and one alternative/prog, then a tech death and a viking metal band I still play in. I played live with all of them.
6 or 7 from alternative to metal. I am currently not in a band because of my location. There's no musicians in this area that I would wanna work with. I'm in such a small town that my choices are basically younger emo kids, or older country guys...
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I was in choir in first grade and 8th grade, and school band from 4th-6th grade. That's it.

I don't really care enough about guitar/making my own music to be in a band.
Three. One kind of made a transition into a different band (both me and the drummer were in both bands, two different genres, the bassist for one band left so we just shifted to one band and played different music). I left the other one because I lost interest in the music
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A sort of punky pop rock in 8th and 9th grade.
A punk band in 10th grade with lots of plebrock influence, didn't like it.
Also an folk punk duo in 10th grade (fun fact: we were forced to cut our set at a coffeeshop short cuz of our obscene lyrics in our magnum opus "Fuck My Life (My Dick's Asleep)." So edgy and punk.
Now I'm in an Ergs-worshiping pop punk band (not really but we sure like the Ergs!).

And I've been making little recordings under various monikers ever since I can remember. But, like, for the thread, let's say I've been in four groups. Only two that I really liked tho.
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Had a Death Metal band with a friend of mine IRL for like 2 years called Delitescent Neurosis. We had like a ton of written material that was never recorded, and a couple of months ago we broke up due to some personal issues that I won't bring up.
I currently have a Post-Black Metal project thingy with a bass playa friend of mine, and I'm in a Slam Death Metal Internet project called Hypoxia with a dude I met over Youtube. Lately I've also been writing some Grindcorish songs, and I might record them and release them in the future.
I am also supposed to record some vocals over a Keket(sp?) track, but I don't think that really counts as a band/project thingy
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Some garage punk band that never went anywhere

A shoegaze band that never went anywhere

The Bananarchists(still alive and kicking. Weve played with some great bands)

Hellen Keller Handjob - Died after one show

Unamed folk punk band where I play banjo. It has like 8 members
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well i've been in the planning stages of many bands (you know like "oh we should do this") but as for a band that's actually had practices and written songs then only one. the guitarist ended up kicking everyone out and the drummer never showed up and it just kind of fell apart. i didn't like the musical style anyway, they wanted to play hardcore & metalcore and i don't like those genres.

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1 Concert band playing saxophone.
1 Jazz band playing saxophone.
3 Rock/Alt Rock bands, playing guitar, including the one I am currently in.
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My only "band" was me and another guitarist. We found a bassist, but he never showed up.
I've performed on stage with 4 so far.
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Like a million. Most of them were going into a basement and playing ska covers of Raining Blood and telling jokes and doing the *snare snare high-hat* thing. Three bands have played shows, four if you count the stuff I've done by myself. Only two got anywhere ever, my current band and my solo thing.