Hey guys, I need some opinions.
I currently play a prs se 22, and I am constantly changing tunings from E standard to drop b. Not good for the neck and the strings. So, I am looking for a decent guitar to fill the gap for the lower tunings. I'll keep the prs for e standard to drop C# at the lowest. Then here comes my question, do i get:


Both guitars get good reviews for what they are, and I love the spad pro just because it looks like it would work perfectly for drop b, drop a. But, the 7 string looks awesome too so I could finally learn some 7 string music, but my main question is, how could I do for instance drop B and drop A tunings on the 7 string and go back to the BEADGBE tuning that I would normally play in without putting a lot of stress on the neck with changing tunings. Hope that makes sense.
What are your opinions guys?
i'd go with the six string. But only because of the pickups. if you were to change the pickups on the seven string then that could work too.
If I did that, I'd most likely only swap out the bridge pickup with something obviously hotter. The drop tuning thing still comes into play though.
looks awesome. i actually just ordered myself a sx hawk ultra. welcome to the rondo club.
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Douglas are pretty cheap. I owned a 7 string and it was terrible. I got a Washburn WG587 for $90 on eBay and it is so much better it's ridiculous.

Have you tried searching for something used locally?
I've heard great thing about the spads. I've got a WRL590 and its built really well. I'd grab the spad imo.
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