Looking for a good solid state 10-20 watt practice amp in the region of around £70-£80. This will just be for home practice but I want to get a good sound out of it. I'd prefer to buy new but willing to go used if it's a significantly better deal. Nearest city is Manchester but there's 2 pretty good music stores in Wigan where I live, I'm more than willing to buy online though.

I'm playing a Epiphone Les Paul 100 through a Boss ME-20 into some shitty 10 watt unbranded amp. The boss pedal will probably just be used for gigging and as a tuner if I get an amp with decent effects.

I play all kinds of stuff mainly Hard Rock, Metal and Metalcore (Avenged Sevonfold, Parkway Drive) so I am looking for good distortion, but good cleans are also necessary but not as important.

Currently looking at an orange crush pix 20l for £72.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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You won't get anything that sounds great at that price, especially not new. Might be able to pick up a Fender Frontman, but they haven't got nearly the kind of distortion you want. Weirdly, it sounds like a Marshall MG might be your best bet...
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£100 won't even get you a semi decent amp. It'll sound like crap. But I agree with the above user, a Marshall mg will be you best bet.
Hmmm i'm not completley against the idea of an Mg I don't think they sound nearly as bad as many people on this website make out. What about the Peavey Vypyr or the Roland Cube 15 watt amps? I've heard good things about those models.
For a practice amp to play metal with, a Peavey Vypyr or a Roland Cube (as mentioned above) will be the cheapest, but decent option. Either of them cost under £90 online, so its not too far from your budget. Other than that, most amps at that price range wont be suited to your style.
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if you went used, the marshall valvestate series, (1st or 2nd gen, not avt) can often be found in that price range, at any size. I got a 2x12 100watt vs100 for 110£
if you went used, the marshall valvestate series, (1st or 2nd gen, not avt) can often be found in that price range, at any size. I got a 2x12 100watt vs100 for 110£

Sorry really don't know much about amps, but valve is much better? Can only spot a few of these on ebay, found a 10 watt 8012 one for £60, is that worth it?
if you want the wattage you'll probably have to spend a little more... look at vox valvetronixes, peavey vypyrs (haven't tried), fender mustang (also haven't tried) and roland cubes (30 watt model and up, the 15 and 20 watters don't have the amp models which is what makes them decent amps in the first place).

if you really can't stretch, either go used or consider one of the mini amps like the roland microcube or vox mini3.
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