A fairly rough demo of one of my band's songs, please have a listen.
Also, we do plan to add vocals at some point, it isn't in its completely finished form.

Any tips on the recording are also welcomed

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the beginning riff sounds very similar to stricken by disturbed
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I agree with Indy_Fire about bringing up the drums a bit. Other than that, though, this sounds badass. For rough, the production is tight and the guitars sound great. I'd bring up the bass some, though. I think it's pretty solid, though. I look forward to hearing it with vocals!

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Wow, for a demo this is pretty awesome! The guitars sound really great (maybe they could go a tad lower?), the bass is clear and punchy. As for the drums I think the snare and kick are good, but all cymbals and hi hat needs to be raised a little bit. The riffs are pretty brutal man, that riff at 3:15 was absolutely amazing you should hang on to it a bit more it'll make people headbang like no tomorrow! I dig the kinda slow part after and then how the guitars comeback in, the last part with the harmonies sounded really cool!

Overall, I'd say the only thing I can crit about this is that there were some very MINOR timing issues nothing too noticeable, but overall great man, some vocals would kill over this!

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The song was really good. As mentioned before, the timing was a bit off at some points but it wasn't obvious at all.

The drum loops used work and the guitar sounds sick! I definitely would like to hear it once vocals have been added. A bit of tidying up and some vocals and it'll be a real quality song.

Good stuff man!

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Thanks for the comment on my thread

Your song is awesome, the guitars sound thick and rich, love the tone. Really interesting riffs + it flows really well. Vocals would make this a truely great tune. Reminds me of a mix of Lamb of God and the grimey riffs from Pantera.

The overall sound is really good for a finished tune let alone a rough demo.
Overall the track is sick and hard, especially loved the drops to halftime drums bpm and back, backed by right riffs it always sounds heavy and headbanging) the snare seems to have little of top end, and cymbals should be light raised IMO. And some parts of drums sound little odd to me?
Liked your other track, song e, drums are really giving the character to track. Sudden stop in riffs are cool, sound sick with right riffs. But solo was louder than needed

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