What are some things to do there? I mean, beside the obvious, because I'm already going to Yellowstone. I'm going to be around Jackson Hole, what do there?
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What are some things to do there?

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No one goes to Wyoming and leaves soon after. Once you're there, there's no turning back.
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I thought Wyoming was cool

Plenty of stuff to do. You can mess around Yellowstone for a week and not see it all. Fish, hike, canoe, white water rafting. Pretty sure there's decent skiing up there around this time of year still. Maybe even snowmobiling.

Watch out for moose. Seriously. Saw one right when we got off the plane at Jackson Hole. The airport there is basically a log cabin, btw.
Enjoy the scenery. Hike. Fish. Canoe. Etc.
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I love how its actually called Jackson Hole, it must be bad if they readily admitt it.
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Wyoming has stuff to do besides Yellowstone?

Seriously though, Wyoming has the lowest population of all the states, so there is plenty of outdoors stuff to do, but don't expect much civilization. Just watch out for stray bullets, Dick Cheney is from there.
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