Sounds like it's somewhere between 76-80, I'm not sure though and I only listened to about half of it.
Im trying to put garageband drums on top of it. I'm not sure if its the intro thats throwing those drums off because it doesn't follow that tempo or what.
You begin in 5/4, for about 3 bars, then do something like 7/4 when you do the muted strum bit before you bridge into the main part of the song which is in 4/4.

(I couldn't be bothered to properly count to figure out exactly what you're doing)

I don't think the tempo is the issue - you just need to account for the changes in meter (time signature) and so long as you played this all in tempo you will land in the right place.
try recording over the drums.
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Time signature. You might have to manually place the drums, for fills and such because of the messed up and constantly changing signatures.
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Maybe e-drums just aren't my forte. Do I sound like im keeping rhythm? Its got me wondering now if I'm actually as on point as I think I am.
I've told you what I think your problem is.
It's impossible to tell if you are one hundred percent in time as you don't have a click going over that sound clip you posted and none of us are human metronomes.
It sounds like you are playing consistently.
I might download your track and see if I can fit drums to it - I'm very busy but if I get time I'll do it...