So the other day I bought an AC15. Love the amp, but I live in an apartment and can't really crank it loud enough to get good distorted sounds out of it. The cleans I can get at those levels, however, are incredible. Unfortunately there's not a lot of stuff I know that uses that warm, full-bodied sound; there's some Radiohead (made better by the fact I have a Tele Plus, the model used in their recordings) and Eric Clapton's version of Hideaway which I have in my mind from when I was still getting guitar lessons, but apart from that, I'm having trouble thinking of songs to really make the most of the amp.

So, what are some songs - or more broadly, artists - that have interesting, moderately difficult but not too crazy guitarwork using chimey, clean sounds like Vox is known for?

In my mind I'm probably thinking of rocky bluesy stuff, which I enjoy playing (Hideaway, for instance) but as it's not what I listen to I'm completely ignorant to that area of music and have no idea where to look!
U2. He uses an ac30, the 15s older brother. I would say other than that, post 70s clapton, john mayer, jack johnson. They all have really full clean sounds. The thing is, blues is known for a more overdriven sound.
As a side note: Doesn't the ac15 have master volume on it? If so, you can crank the volume to drive the preamp, then use the master control for loudness.
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Huh, I was under the impression U2 doesn't use cleans much. I haven't heard much of them at all though. Thanks, I'll check those out!

It does have a master volume, but I have to have that just above 0 when I turn the channel volumes up enough to distort, and it's really not a nice sound. It just sounds strangled and wrong. For distorted stuff I'll continue using the AC30 emulator on Guitar Rig. That's what I've been doing for ages; the AC15's the first step in my (expensive, and therefore gradual) move away from software to real equipment.