well I know it's going to be different for everyone, depends if you've got a job, how long you have played for, what your current needs are etc. but how often is too often?

I started playing on an old acoustic I had at home, bought a cheap strat which I played for about 9 months and then sold it and bought a j mascis jazzmaster recently.

when some of my friends found out about the jazzmaster they were saying like, it's a mistake, that iv'e gone through 3 (although only really 2) guitars in roughly a year...I don't think it's so bad is it? how often do YOU personally buy new stuff?
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Edit: once every 2-3 years. Depends on how often i play them. The more i play, the more frequently i buy.
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It's better to think twice about what you're doing do you really need that third strat? In the end most people will have quite a few guitars but there's no reason to keep buying guitars that just end up in some stuffy closet or in their case all the time.
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So far about 1 guitar every 4 years

There's nothing wrong buying a lot of guitars. You just might make a lot of people jealous, that's all.
right now as u did kinda makes sense to me... you have an old acoustic, so you decide to learn how to play guitar, you like it and you want to go electric, so you get some cheap guitar, not having any clue what you're actually buying.... then you like playing guitar quite alot, and realize the guitar you bought sucks, so you get a better one :p

in the first few years of my playing i bought a new guitar every year, now after 9 years, i finally found a good main guitar i'll probably stick with
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I've only ever bought 2 guitars, as it takes me 2-3 years to pay each one off, adding an extra 3 years for my amp. So that's 2 guitars and 1 amp in 7-8 years
whenever my needs, wants and means line up.

I tend to keep guitars that I really love, and rotate around with other ones. I play quite alot, and I love trying new guitars out, I seem to get inspired to play different styles on different instruments. being in a professional band really helps justify the expenditure though...
Whenever I have money and I find a nice one

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every 3500usd.
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Money is tight, and I only buy the best quality I can afford, so...

I don't. I have my guitar, and that's all I'll need for a while. I have other music equipment to buy instead. That'll change if I get this damn job, though.
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I don't buy new guitars very often. I mod the ones I've got if I don't like something, but I try to avoid buying new guitars. Shit gets expensive fast....
i only have 2 so far, but hopefully when i get a summer job, i can buy a gibson lp and a better amp. that is if i do well in school.....
I have only ever bought guitars when I've found something that I don't have, and need.

1. My mom bought me a cheap acoustic that actually sounds great, so I kept it and learned guitar on it.
2. I didn't have an electric, so I bought an Ibanez Gio. It sounds pretty good for a beginner guitar.
3. I wanted a really good electric, so I bought my PRS.
4. I've wanted a seven string since beginning, so I got my JP7. Coincidentally, it's also my dream guitar .

Note that these are all very spaced out. I got my Ibanez a year after the acoustic, my PRS two-three years after that, and the same for my JP7.

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It's rare that I get through a month without buying a guitar, amp, pedals, new mics, etc. In terms of only guitars themselves, I'd say it averages out at one every month and a half. Every now and then I'll save up to buy something really nice, other times I'll buy three in one week.

Though there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not researching guitars or trying them out. I'm always on the look out for new stuff to buy. I probably actually have worse GAS than even Tom, you just tend to not hear about it as I don't mention guitars I've had unless I have them for over a month and think I'll be keeping them. That's my other problem, as well as buying a lot of guitars I also sell a lot. It's rare to see the local classifieds without my name in.

But I realise I'm very lucky. I have a job that gives me both the time and money to indulge in these things. It's not like I can afford to just piss away money on everything I see, but I'm still very glad to not be 17 any more, buying gear with what little I can scrape together.
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Not as often as I'd like.
And, sadly, that statement would stand even if I bought one a day.
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I tend to invest in something new whenever I finish one of my payment plans with American Musical. It's definitely budgeted and I am self-disciplined enough to be patient.
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I haven't bought a guitar since I got my first electric.

My parents got me my acoustic.

When I graduate College and get my Radiology Tech job, I'm probably going to be buying PRS's every other month.
About once a year. None of my guitars are too expensive though.
Over the last 3 years it's been just over 1 per year, I think that's probably it for me now. For a while anyway lol.
I mainly bought a new guitar for a new sound/tone that I needed. Although my last purchase was the most expensive it saves me carrying around too many guitars to gigs and rehearsals as it can cover most tones.
I've played guitar a little over a year and bought a few for cheap fixes them and traded them off i find better deals trading then buying new
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as soon as the one i have goes out of tune.

i cba to tune, i'll just get a new one if the old one needs tuning. fock that.
So far, it's shaping up to be about 1 or 2 a year. I haven't actually bought one this year though... I better get on it.
I got my strat a few months ago, but I got it in pieces and it wasn't very expensive. Before that, I don't think I bought a new guitar since 2004 which was a used Epi Les Paul that I sold in college. Prior to that I got my Gibson Les Paul in 2002.

I probably won't buy a new guitar for a while. I really want my next one to be a Gibson historic, but I just have no way of affording it until I'm an attending, which is at least 6-7 years away.

That said, my annual medical school tuition alone cost roughly the same as about nine Gibson R9s.
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Well i've bougt 11 guitars over 5 years so about 2 guitars a year for me
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well I know it's going to be different for everyone, depends if you've got a job, how long you have played for, what your current needs are etc. but how often is too often?

I started playing on an old acoustic I had at home, bought a cheap strat which I played for about 9 months and then sold it and bought a j mascis jazzmaster recently.

when some of my friends found out about the jazzmaster they were saying like, it's a mistake, that iv'e gone through 3 (although only really 2) guitars in roughly a year...I don't think it's so bad is it? how often do YOU personally buy new stuff?

when you first start out it's real common to go through a bunch of guitars and other gear while you try to find your sound. most first electric are bought because you're fav guitar hero uses a similar guitar and not because it's what really suites you. the other case is that you get a starter pack for a present bought by someone who just listened to the sales person on what to get. it takes a while to get the feel of various guitars and find what works for you.

as for me i've slowed way down on guitars as i'm pretty comfortable with what i have. i've pretty much settled on SSS strats and have a couple of really nice ones so no real need for more axes. i do still try many other styles of guitars as i do like to check out different guitars. buying for GAS is often a bad way to do things as often it seems that you end up kinda disappointed (or really poor). i don't go through a ton of amps as i do try to buy ones that i really like to begin with. pedals, well i do tend to go through a bunch of those. the persuit of the ideal tone is never ending.
I go used if I can. Always deals out there. Buying new is usually a last resort for me. I don't have a whole lot of guitars though. I have an Ibanez, an old Schecter C-1, and I'm probably going to get a SSS Strat in the near future. If I had loads to spend on guitar stuff, I'd probably want to spend it more on different amps than guitars.
I probably cycle through 10 - 15 guitars per year. That includes my own builds. I have a "buy one - sell one" policy, but I haven't been doing so well on the last part of that lately. Currently I have about 30.
the way I see it you only ever bought one upgrade, so you definitely shouldn't feel bad. you had a starter electric and an acoustic then upgraded to a better electric. I think of them as styles. Most styles wont do what others do. In a way they are completely different instruments. When you can't sound how you want on an acoustic you grab an electric. when that doesn't do what you want you might buy a better electric or a hollowbody. I would never feel bad about buying new guitars in this way; you shouldn't even be questioning yourself until you are picking up things you already have just to have another or a different color or something.
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Well I've bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard, a Fender USA "1997" Strat, a Fender Baja Telecaster, a Fender JA-90 Telecaster, a Marshall Vintage Modern head and cab and a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 in one year plus 7 pedals and a boss pedal board. I honestly don't know how...
I'd say it averages between two and five.

Then again I do trade a lot so it maybe more than that.
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every six weeks or so that i keep. selling sometimes and flipping sometimes, and sometimes to keep. i keep four or six additional guitars a year on average, at least 20 through my hands.

i have been slow the last little while. but teaching lessons is making me some nice extra cash now. this year is slower because my homeowners insurance went up an additional $5000 to god knows what i paid prior to that, for this year due to sinkholes in my area.

so far this year three. a 2570EVSL, an acoustic to be sold, and a hamer which i have already sold. made $150 off of the hamer.
Once a year, average, probably. I think, at one point, I had bought/sold around 5 or 6 guitars in one year. Lot of weird Ebay purchases, repairs, resells and the likes. A couple of asian made G&L's have passed through my hands, as well. They were nice guitars, just not for me. But, probably about one a year, average.
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i just ordered my 4th today. ive been playing for a year. went from ltd m-15 to jackson kelly js. then earleir this month got the ltd ex-400. and just sold the jackson and funded a lowend sx strat for modding project. thats the first year. im sure it slows down over time. although who knows lol.
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More than i should. Infact i spend too much of my money on guitar related things. I'm gonna get paid soon and have like a grand or so, and as much as i want a 7 string, i'm gonna force myself not to buy one lol