I really want to get david gilmour's sound on sound effect (like he used in the royal albert hall concert on shine on) whats the cheapest way for me to do so? I have no delay pedal's but my fender mustang 2 amp has quite a few delay settings built in if that helps.
could use something like an EHX Freeze. that would probably be the easiest and cheapest route. I think they cost ~$120.
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thanks for the tip on the electro harmonix freeze it looks like exactly what i was looking for
I think you'd be better off with a Danelectro Reel echo. It is more versatile and has a sound on sound function. Trouble is the sound on sound function is basically an infinitely repeating loop. Gilmour uses a 1.5 second 1 repeat with tail for most of his sound on sound effect. Granted the Reel echo is probably more expensive than the freeze but the added versatility makes up for it.
BTW for a truly excellent listen to sound on sound, and pitch shifting, listen to Pink Floyd's Marooned song from The Division Bell. If your serious about getting the Gilmour sound visit www.gilmourish.com

Also Gilmour uses multiple signal chains and amps for sound on sound. This is because the repeat from the echo has to be at a lower volume level so it does not make a mash up with the next notes he plays over it. Really tough to do with one amp.
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