The drums got kinda annoying, tbh. Other then that, it sounds pretty cool.

One subjective thing, I didn't like the tone of the guitar, but, if you like it, then it doesn't really matter.
Dude, really nice guitar harmonies! Sounding really brutal, I like when the ride part comes in, it is very melodic, you definitely have your own thing going on with the note selection and voicing on the leads, I like it. That part at 1:50 and on is fkn killer!! The solo was sweet, and so was the riff that followed it. I do think the song needs a bit more dynamics in the first half (like the part at 3:25 and on - that was awesome) because it stays around the same tempo with the guitars chugging and shredding along, not that it doesnt sound sick...I thought the second half of the song was way more brutal and epic IMO.

Overall you got some serious shit here man, keep at it!
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