What's causing this sound from my setup? I've got a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18. I've got a new Dimarzio cable with my Les Paul Traditional Zebra. I've tried a different guitar and the noise is still there. Suggestions? I guess it could be my power? What do I do if it is?
Pull out the tubes and plug them back in again. Spray some contact cleaner on the pins if you have any.
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Quote by jwoodbury3571
Even on a brand new amp?

Yes, or replace the tubes or tube if you can find the faulty one. Mine had a duff output tube that made a hell of a racket out of the blue but a pair of matched replacements totally cured it. You have to remember that new amps can sit around for ages, the staff as well as customers often try them out and they could come from the factory with a bad tube.
also, don't rule out a defective cable. Perhaps try another first?
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