This isnt the 1st guitar i have setup. I have successfully setup over a dozen guitars but this one is being a little tricky and i have hit a couple of snags that i need some advice on.

I just got a new guitar (Ibanez Art 320) and i've been trying to set it up but having a bit of a time. I had to adjust the truss rod almost a full turn and i've got the neck looking pretty good now. There is a slight bow in it so if i hold down the 1st frett and the 17th frett I can slide a playing card between the string and the 8th frett. The intonation was WAY out and here is where one of my two problems comes in. On the low E string (6th) I cant set the saddle back far enough. The fretted 12th is still sharp. So, I cant go back far enough to set the intonation. The next problem is with frett buzz on the 4th string. It occurs on frett 2, 3 and then again on 12 through 15. Any idea's what I havent checked yet?
For intonation, check the harmonic on the twelfth fret. Fretting it will almost always cause it to go sharp because of the thickness of the string.
The way i was checking it was open, then 12th harmonic, then fretted 12th. The open and 12th harmonic match but the fretted 12th is sharp. Not so on the other 5 strings where all 3 test are equal.. Weird ehh?
Just read that 12th frett choking out thread. maybe ill take this thing back to guitar center tomorrow. I ordered it used online. Teach me to order a guitar without playing it 1st!