When i say place, i mean the place where this guy is at.

This is suppost to be easy coming from him. But there's no way i can just pick up my guitar and play this song...


i think its in a key of f# something, but this is such a diff style i practice, but is so musical to me..

please help!
You practise... not exactly sure what you were hoping to hear.
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It wouldn't be that hard, you would just have to practice in that style. I mostly play fingerstyle and I'd have to work on it but I could play it in a week or two if I really worked. Of course it would take longer to master. If you want to play like that start learning how to use your right hand properly.
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That guy is a dog. If you want to get on that level you should probably seek out a good Classical Guitar teacher and do work.

This guy is pretty masterful, but his arrangements aren't typically highly complex...so I think under the guidance of a good teacher and with immense time into the instrment you could be learning/playing things like that within 6 months, assuming that you have a decent grasp of the guitar as of now.

But to be on his level in terms of being able to arrangement and play that with that level of freedom and relaxation...years of hard practice.

Here's a chrono trigger song I recorded an arrangement of a while back. IF this gives you any perspective: I don't regularly play fingerstyle arrangements, but I'm pretty good at guitar in general, and it took me...maybe a few hours to get this good enough, granted, the arrangement and speed aren't very hard.

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