I have a fairly new solid top-eletric/acoustic that is not overly pricey but I love, which is developing some bulging, and losing a little bit of its brightness and loudness, I think it's because of the high humidity (70% Up), I do not think that a room dehumidifier is going to work very well, so my solution is find a decent Hardshell case (the acoustic only came with a gig bag), then put some packs of desiccant in the case compartment to dry it out, will it work?
My guitar is a Crafter DE7/N, and I found that SKB-8 and SKB-16 (both designed for dreadnought) both to be a little bit bigger in terms of dimensions, would that be ok?

You can pick up a cheapo dehumidifier like the Eva Dry EDV-1100 and keep it in a small room (like a walk-in closet) with the guitar while not being played. Other than that, something like those desiccant packs you are talking about should be fine.
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