Well, hey. It's me, with another probably stupid question.

What I'm looking for is some source - be it the interwebs, or a book, or a magazine, or what have you - that could explain some of the probably obvious things about guitar building that many people may take for granted - for example, the length of the neck pocket, or, say, how far from the nut the bridge needs to be. Not looking for any particular answer, but something that would show me the basics of certain measurements, distances, thicknesses, or whatever, that should be adhered to.

Thanks, UG!
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I don't even see a specific question here.
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I don't even see a specific question here.

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Well this is a very open question. If you know the question you need answered then google or the search bar on this forum will most likely get you what you need pretty quickly.

The length from the nut to the bridge varies from instrument to instrument but a common one is 25.5in. What ever scale you do choose its very important that the distance from the nut to the 12th fret is equal to the distance between the 12th fret and the bridge for intonation purposes.

I know a decent amount so if you ever have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll do my best to help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

This book gives you the basics of guitar building, certainly worth a read,


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this site will help you heaps I believe.
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I agree that Stewmac has large variety of books and info but I think they are a little more expensive then most places and their shipping is not that cheap. I would suggest using them to research and use the customer reviews to figure out what books you might want, then shop around on amazon or other sites to see if you can save yourself a few bucks.
if you want my advice, don't do the neck pocket until you have the neck your actually putting in it. you never know if a different manufacturer will have different specs they make them to. I"m sure there is a standard but some cheaper companies try to cut corners. so don't make any major cuts like the neck pocket until you have the neck.
If you want to build a guitar get some glue and a good scroll saw
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there were some PDF's flying around the web too, if i can't find the site I'll upload them for you.

The Martin Koch one is very good
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