I'm making a V guitar and I have a question. I am inspired by Hendrix's V and wanted to do something along those lines. So I called up a good friend of mine I met in high school. I knew he could draw really well (Even better with a joint, but don't get me started.) He now works at a Graphic Design company and I asked him if he was up for doing a favor for me, and that was if I drew out a paper template of a V guitar, could he go over it with pencil and go nuts on it. He said Sure! A few days past and he called me up and gave it back to me. This is the end result. Left click to zoom in.


Pretty awesome, hey? Over the top and way more then I expected!

But my main question is, what type of paint should I use to really FINELY go over this with a ultra fine paint brush that wouldn't smudge with Poly? And what type of Poly should I use? Like I have some Wipe On Minwax Poly on hand currently right now but not sure if that will ruin it...

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That's sweet! I did a similar paint job on my first build, linked to below. Are you planning to mount the paper onto the guitar? if so, then there's a tutorial of sorts somewhere for that. if not, then all you need is a paint marker. make sure its legit though, it should have a rattling piece (forget what its called right now) like the ones in spray paint cans.