. On the 18th February, my band went into the studio to record our first 3 songs. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I like to think they came out alright, most notably Rise and Shine and Operation: Deduction (listen to those two first, if you want to judge us on one song only, choose O: D). We have had no gigging experience as a band yet, unfortunately, but we've been concentrating mostly on finishing some songs to put on facebook, and to burn to disks to hand out to local bars and other venues. If you are a band in the Newcastle area, feel free to ask us to support you at a gig (c'mon, it was worth a try).
. So, without further ado, here is the link to our facebook page, give us a cheeky like if you enjoy what you hear, if you don't, why not post a comment below, and help us grow as a band? Or just tell me that you think we're the worst thing since the Plague. Also, ignore the profile picture if you can, we're waiting on some pictures to be sent back to us.

. Thanks in advance,
. Ben

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Update: We have decided that once we reach 500 plays, 50 downloads, or 100 likes on Facebook, we will upload an acoustic version of Rise and Shine (which we have changed a lot, sounds quite chilling, especially the second verse), so if you could help me spread the word, that'd be class.

I'd also be happy to listen to your band in return and help you all out as well

Edit: so we need 18 likes, 13 downloads, or 244 plays, whichever's first.
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Rise and shine...I really like the Lead tone and the break before the verse. The vocals have such a 70es feel (just my opinion, not a bad thing) almost like Ozzy. The build up at 1:05min is very good..but i think it a bit overlong before the chorus and the main riff comes in again. Was hopping for a solo at 3:10min but then still got a pretty cool one at the end. Liking the playing. Sound is good..I only would make the bass a little more audible on this song. Operation: Deduction: Great intro with bass...wow, the lead is awesome. dark sounding verse, but it lights up pretty quick..damn, i really dig the vocals...I really was thinking it was Ozzy in the chorus. I Like how the drums build uf the secound verse. alot better the the first song. On Her own: Punk rock feel.I noticed some parts like 1:31-1:33min..It sound like the drummer would miss the beat. I think this sound really needs a big lead part

Thank you for checking out my music Greetings from Slovenia.