Looking for a new guitar, I feel it's time to go up a level from my Special X Mockingbird, think I've narrowed it down to these three.

I play a range of different styles, from Free to Megadeth.

If there's a better guitar in the price range let me know, but it CANNOT exceed £1000.
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There are a ton of guitars in that price range and the guitars you have listed out are all pretty different. Are there any specs that you prefer? Active vs passive pickups? Type of pickups: single coil, humbuckers or both? Neck width? Body shape? Wood type? Bridge type? 22 or 24 frets? Type of finish: gloss, satin? Controls: 1 or 2 volumes? 1 or 2 tones? Coil taps?

Give us some more info.

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That are some really diverse styles of guitars.
The JEM 555 is generally seen as a guitar you should stay away from, as it's not a "real" JEM. Are you looking at it just because it's a "Vai"-guitar? It might be better for you to check out the new JEM Premium guitar if you really want a Vai-guitar.

I know you'll hate this answer, but you really got to go out and try them yourself...they are just so different to eachother.
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I wouldn't advice getting the JEM555 - it's just an overpriced RG. The Japanese made, high-end JEMs do justify their price by having superb parts, wood and build quality, but this one's just got the signature status pushing the price up.

Having said that, RG's in general are pretty good guitars with a lot of versatility. I'd prefer one over an SG or a Flying V, but they're so different that's there's little point comparing them, anyways.

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Out of those 3 the Ibanez JEM is more of a shred guitar, the SG is more of a rock guitar and the Flying V is more of a metal guitar.

All 3 are versatile, but look which guitar is better suited to your playing style and to the genre you mostly play.
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Of those?

Hard call.

You free to ring me or I give you a call?

PM me.

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They're all very different. The SG and V are fantastic. The 555 is a glorified RG350. Rule the JEM out.
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The 555 is a glorified RG350. Rule the JEM out.


though you should be able to get a prestige RG for the same price, so that'd be worth considering.

aside from that, they're very different guitars (i mean the gibsons versus the ibanez, not the jem versus the rg).
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