Poll: What do you want to know about songwriting?
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How to write lyrics
2 25%
How to write cool chord progressions
1 13%
How to make really expressive music
1 13%
How to put together a song
1 13%
How to make guitar songs
0 0%
How to write nice melodies
1 13%
How to make nice vocal lines
0 0%
How to make music for piano
0 0%
How to get started in the first place!
0 0%
How to beat writers block
2 25%
Voters: 8.
Hi everyone!

It's my first post so I just thought I'd get things kicked off with a nice poll to see what you guys like/want to know about writing songs. I love making songs myself..though I'm still getting better! I put how to put together a song in the poll. I can never seem to put everything together in a way that makes sense :S Hope to share some great conversations with you guys in the future!
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I love to write about hot-dogs and bbq. Everything that is extremely random. Hell, we have a song titled "Mister Pineapple".

Explanation: I'm in a comedy metal band lol.

But on a more serious note, I'm also in a thrash metal band, and the main subject of our lyrics is the Second World War (we want to make a concept album), so yeah...
Ayy there
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Your first post should be in the Introduce Yourself thread.
Also, at the top of the forum there's a big, capitalised announcement that says "MUST READ BEFORE POSTING", I find it's often beneficial to read those ones too.

Don't be surprised if this thread is closed, since this is a forum for posting and critiquing lyrics/poems and other literature, there is also a community thread here and a lyric discussion thread here.

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That I've almost finished around 70 songs but ALWAYS give up because I start to think they suck... not really to do with my music, more to do with my methods...
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