when your playing in a venue that is kinda cold do you guys do anything to keep your hands warm or to get them warm besides general guitar warm up exercises (which don't always seem to work)? any secrets?
pockets. or those heating packs you put inside gloves.
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Keep them in your pockets generally or hang out in a warmer part (as in if the venue is cooled off and its warm out, chill outside for a bit.)

Honestly the band im in as of right now consists of me and 2 other very anxious friends, henceforth we're always freezing at shows. We make sure to start out with something fast and energetic to get blood flowing!
Wear gloves from the minute you leave your house to right before you walk out onstage. Not thin latex gloves, gloves to protect from the cold. Only take them off to stretch and warm up.

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I street perform and occasionally have to deal with cold (though I don't perform during the winter, spring and fall can get chilly in Boston). My one suggestion is fingerless gloves - I have pair I cut myself from a nice pair of Nike athletic gloves, with the fret hand having less coverage (for more freedom of movement). I also try to simplify chords so that the stiffness in my hands doesn't impede my playing too much.

Good luck!
I rub my hands against my jeans untill they warm up.
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Eat cherries, they improve blood circulation in the hands.
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Swing your arms in a circle, like a windmill blade. It sends blood rushing into your hands instantly, Survival people are tought this
It's common sense man, hands in pockets, warm ups, inside your jacket, rock out hard.
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I've never played a show, but I often have to soak my hands in hot water before I play. It's good practice to wash your hands before you play your guitar anyways- oils are very corrosive.

Just find a sink, plug it, fill it with hot water, and let your hands soak for a minute or two. Good to go and no sweat.

Heat packs don't work for everyone- sure, they'll heat your hands up but it might cause your hands to sweat profusely which can be a real problem and actually counterproductive, since sweat cools as it evaporates.
Run your hands under cold water. It get the blood running properly and feels great.