I’m window shopping,
The fabric’s rotting,
I’m hoping for a glance, but you’re too concerned,
With carefully placed cigarette burns.

Mannequins dressed in relics,
These deceptions you’re selling,
Is it painful to live drenched in nostalgia?
To lose yourself further and further with every hour?

You are a paradox,
And you’re perfect.

These wedding dresses,
Stained – so reckless,
You assure me you won’t buy in,
But I’m not giving up; I’ll buy all of them.

You are a paradox,
And you’re perfect.

“I’m in love with you, Alice”,
You’re moving to Paris?
I'm here to help

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ok, as usual pit is being very unhelpful except andychalmers, so im gonna go post this someplace else

And a master of storytelling...

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andychalmers102, that story is awesome.
Needs a better title, I thought this was a spam thread.

The first 2 verses seem to be judging the person, then you call them perfect, but that might be part of the whole "paradox"

I think for the paradox/perfect lines you should stick to you are, not change to you're.

and maybe change the last line to "please don't move to paris" the question kind of kills the mood in my head.

anyway, just my opinion
I like it. A lot. And I think the question at the end is a good touch. It may be that I read the whole thing a bit tongue-in-cheek. Good job