Selling my Laney TF300 tube fusion amp. This amp packs a solid state clean channel with brilliant, glassy cleans, and two tube overdrive channels. The first drive channel is great for rock, with enough distortion for most modern rock music, a really nice sound. The second channel is what I use for leads, because it has a lot more gain. You can take the distortion from relatively tame bluesy tones to straight up metal (where in my opinion this amp truly shines). There is also a 'Vibe' button. I think this is supposed to be some sort of power saver, but in practice it takes your sound from a modern, American tone to a British tone, a really cool feature if you're into that.

This thing is 120 watts and is ridiculously loud if you want it to be. I've actually never had the balls to put it up past about 7. Definitely loud enough for band prac, gigs, etc, though you can still get great tones at low levels.

Also features spring reverb (independent for clean and dirt channels), 3 band eq (also independent), enhance knob (great for more modern tones), line out, headphone out, footswitch input (not included), speaker output and fx loop.

$350 ono, pick up only, feel free to contact me

Squier Tele Vintage Modified Custom > Laney TF300