I just bought a Fender Frontman 212R and am experiencing feedback when using a distortion pedal with amp volume set onlt to 3!!! Is this common problem with the FM 212R and if so how can it be resolved?

Feedback is often a result of:

1) Gain. Too much gain = Feedback + a squashed sound undesired by most. Do you use the Overdrive on the amp AND the pedal? Turn the gain/distortion knob down.
2) Guitar/Pickups. A lower quality guitar will often be more prone to feed back and make undesirable noises than a guitar of decent quality.
3) EQ. Feedback often resides in the high mid-to-high frequencies. Try turning the treble down.

What guitar, pedals and settings do you have and use?
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1) Just using pedal over clean channel
2) Using fairly low quality Epiphone SG so could be an issue
3) Thanks, I'll try tweaking treble

Heard reverb can also be a factor?

(generally use DS-1 pedal, the SG on middle pickup and like to use mid-high treble on the amp with high distortion setting on the DS-1)
Try standing in a different position, if you stand really close to the amp that could make a feedback problem worse.

What type sound do you want? (What do you listen to, what do you want so sound like?)

Epiphone SGs often aren't THAT bad. A no name guitar could be bad enough to make such a problem
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Closest sound I want is Foo Fighters Everlong - thick, crunchy but still warm sounding. Practice space quite tight so not much room to maneuver...
I'm not a big fan of the overdrive channels on the Frontman so feel I have to stick with pedal
Your probably just playing with a little too much gain and sitting too close/facing the amp. Yeah?
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