I read through the submission guidelines for formatting chord tabs but I see no way to specify what chord variant should be used. It sounds like bare, preformatted text should be submitted and the chords will 'automatically' be converted to something you can mouseover and added to the chord chart. I gurantee this will produce the wrong variant of nearly every chord for the tab I'd like to submit.

If you look at Chordie, they accept tabs in a format called ChoPro which allows you to explicitly specify chord variants. Is there really nothing like that here or have I just missed it?
Hi! Have you actually uploaded your tab? If not, try to do so, it should not be automatically converted (but that depends on the chords you're trying tio implement). Automatic convertation of custom and unusual chords is not uncommon, however it falls on tab by tab basis. We know this and working our best to make the process as simple as possible for contributors and users both.