They both seem capable of hitting the notes, and with neither has an annoying voice, so I would say you have to make your decision on stage presence, their lyric and songwriting ability (I assume they would be writing their own melodies mainly) and their chemistry with the band. Also checking how committed they are before hand is a good idea.
#2 kinda drowned in the mix... but both seem to be great. I'd maybe pick number 1, but it's really close.
It's hard to tell. Number one seems better but that might be due to the fact that the recording was better. Number one is more in the indie-punk area while number 2 is more in the pop-punk area so it depends on what you wanna do.

I think you should make your decision on which one is the nicer guy, has the more stage presence etc... because both are good vocalists.

The track was awesome by the way!

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I can barely hear the vocals in the second one, but what I CAN hear, I like his voice, much, much better. Not saying the first guy is bad, but the second guy's harmonies sound much more natural and his vocal style fits the music better IMO. The first guy just kinda sounds like he's singing the song just to sing it, the second guy's performance sounds like he's much more into the song.
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Wow a close one. I thought second one has a better voice seeing it has abit more uniqueness, but I think you'd need to lower the key for him. His voice sounded abit strained?

The first one was really good too but his voice I'd say fit better for other kinds of music.

For this kind of music I'd choose #2.
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