I recently had a hand pain, I took a 3 days off, the pain is gone and I started practicng regularly again. I don't feel that I've hit a plateux, I even increased my speed more, and I am thinking to take a 4-5 days off to give my brain time to catch up with all techniques I 've been working on. But the thing is that I don't really need days off because I feel that I can go on with 6-7 hours a day for at least a month before that major "recovery". I don't consider 1 day offs which I take every 7-8 days, because 7 hrs a day is not a joke for hands and muscles. So how can I know that break will be benefitial for my playing? How you decide when to take days off? Should I take a 4-5 days off considering that I we been practicing this way constantly for more than a month (earlier I practiced for only 3-4 hrs a day)?
If you feel like you need a break either so you don't burn yourself out or because your fingers hurt, then take a day off. If you feel like playing 7 days a week and don't want to take a day off, then don't. Seems pretty simple. Only you can tell if you need to take a day off or not. I'd play guitar every single day if I had the time, but I have a job, a wife, and 3 kids so I don't always get to play it every day. There's no harm in playing daily though if you're enjoying it and your fingers aren't hurting or anything.
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