Ok, here's a question.. as far as adjustability and tweakability of individual drums.. would it be a bad idea to do individual tracks for each drum and cymbal/percussion instrument in GP?.. I'm thinking while a bit more involved.. I'd be able to drop each individual track of midi into EZ and the ProTools and that would give me a ton of flexibility as far as reverbs, gates and etc.. in editing and choosing individual drums and such? I guess I'd need to find out how many different time I could run the EZ/DKFH to separate tracks.. and thoughts or ideas on this?
Basically what you're thinking of doing is creating drum beats and stuff in EZDrummer and then copy each channel (Overheads, snare, kick, toms etc...) into it's own channel in Pro Tools?
If that's what you're going after then you may as well route the channels, though I'm not sure EZdrummer works in Pro Tools and whether it's just standalone or not.
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Um... if your computer can handle running so many instances of EZdrummer then sure, but you could probably do all of that in a single track and achieve more or less the same effect entirely
Actually found a great answer to this.. the problem with running all drums to a single stereo instrument track is that it wouldn't give you the flexibility to mix drums and use separate effects sames as you would if you were/are recording a real mic'd kit..
you can do it like this: http://youtu.be/U33Qf6uVnPM
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