Okay, recently got a practice amp for my room whilst at uni, it had a faulty input jack. Tried cleaning it, no joy. Talked to the good people at Andertons over the last week or so and have a couple options.

The amp in question is a Vox Pathfinder 15R. When purchasing, I had two amps in mind. This, and the VT20+. I asked them about possibly getting the VT20+ instead, and they told me they're not expecting any until april 1st, but I was welcome to wait for it and trade the amp as soon as they come in.

They've also suggested Roland 20xl, Orange Crush, Fender Mustang etc, but I don't really feel as though they're what I'm looking for. I often use a Vox AC15, and am sort of comfortable with that kind of sound. I felt like the 15r was a pretty close match for the price, but alas, they have none in stock.

So my options seem to be as follows

Ask them to repair the 15r (no idea how long this will take)
wait for more 15Rs to come in stock (again, no idea of time)
Wait for a VT20+ (Wait a little over a month)
Another amp around the price range (say, £90-£150). Orange Crush is probably the forerunner right now.

With this in mind, what do you think I should do? Any amps around the price I could look at? Thanks a lot, sorry for the long post.

Just because I know someone will ask:

Guitar: Epiphone Dot
Music style: Varies. Jazz, blues, shoegaze, classic and indie rock, surf, mo-town, whatever
budget: up to £150, though I could always pay more towards the trade, perhaps.
i'd probably wait for the valvetronix

alternatively you could maybe even consider an ac4 if you'd like to go tube (i haven't tried it, though) as nothing you play there seems to be particularly high gain.
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what about something along the lines of a fender champ?

but if your looking for straight up versatility the mustang is a really nice amp